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Street, Heritage, Youth, Passion, Essence

We're more than a brand - we're a revolution in fashion. Our name embodies our dedication to merging the raw energy of street culture with the luxe feel of high-end fashion. Each aspect of our identity is a cornerstone of what we stand for:


The streets are where our journey began and where our heart beats the strongest. Shype captures the essence of street culture, transforming it into fashion that speaks the language of the urban spirit.


Heritage is our foundation - the rich history and experiences that shape who we are. It's a respect for the past and the timeless elements of style that never fade. We draw inspiration from this deep well to create fashion that honors tradition while pushing towards the future.


Youth is about the spirit of now - vibrant, bold, and always evolving. It's not just an age; it's a mindset that embraces new trends, fresh ideas, and the energy of the moment. Our designs capture this spirit, offering styles that are as lively and dynamic as the people who wear them.


Every detail in our apparel reflects our deep passion for excellence. Driven by an unwavering dedication, we at Shype craft unique fashion experiences that connect with your desires for expression and innovation.


Our community values sophistication in simplicity and boldness in expression. Together, we redefine what it means to be elegant, infusing it with a streetwise edge.

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