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The Second Wave

Due to the overwhelming love and admiration for our Artisan Collection, coupled with the rapid sell-out of many items, we believe you deserve something special. As a token of our appreciation for your enthusiastic support, we are thrilled to announce a Second Wave. This exclusive release will feature unique, limited-edition colors. The items will be available in very low stock. Get ready to experience the exceptional craftsmanship of Shype in a whole new spectrum of exclusivity.

What does ART mean?

Art is the language of the heart, a mirror reflecting our human experience. It captures beauty, provokes introspection, and fosters empathy, connecting us through a universal language. It is a testament to our creativity and our ability to touch the infinite through our creations.

Pablo Picasso

We hold deep appreciation for one of our designs that beautifully reflects the influence of Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso, a transformative artist of the 20th century, defied conventions and embraced artistic experimentation. His works evoke deep emotions, challenging our understanding of the human condition. From Cubism to sculpture, his legacy remains a testament to boundless creativity.

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